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Before Arrival

Before Arrival


Important Entry Information

Plant and animal quarantine: Travelers are strictly forbidden to bring the following items into Taiwan: Fresh fruit and vegetables. Plant or animal products for which prior authorization has not been obtained (includes live animals, meat products, live plants). DO NOT IMPORT MEAT ILLEGALLY FROM ABROAD.

Important Notices

1. Important Dates in 2024:



Accommodation Application

Deadline: July 31

Insurance Plan

Fill in the online form before July 31

Dormitory Move-in Days

  • Suggested arrival days: August 24 to 27

Kindly provide your arrival date here two weeks before your arrival date.

Registration & Health Examination (MANDATORY)

August 28 (Wednesday)

Online Course Selection

  • Pre-registration Courses:
    August 28 to 30
    9 AM to 5 PM
  • Add & Drop Courses:
    September 4 to September 15
    9 AM to 5 PM
  • Add Courses: (with instructor’s approval)
    September 18 to 22
    12 AM to 11 PM

*username and password will be provided after August 7

Class starts

September 2 (Monday)

Registration Deadline

September 13

Remarks: If the student fails to register as required shall have their acceptance to the university rescinded.

2. Estimated tuition and related fees for the first semester:

  • (1) Registration/tuition and miscellaneous fees (one semester): please visit here.
  • (2) Dormitory Fee (one semester): please visit here.
  • (3) CGU Health Examination for all new students(mandatory): NT$ 1,000
  • (4) ARC application fee: NT$ 1,000 for ONE year.
  • (5) Estimated living expenses for one month: NT$ 10,000~NT$ 15,000.
  • (6) Insurance(one semester):




Student Accident Insurance (mandatory)

NT$ 200-300

Every student

either one of the following insurance plans:

Group Medical Insurance

NT$ 3,000 (NT$ 500*6 months)

International students not covered by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance (NHI).

National Health Insurance (NHI)

NT$ 4,956 (NT$ 826*6 months)

International students covered by NHI through other institutes or companies and may transfer it to CGU.

3. If you have any questions about the followings, please contact the related units.


Office in Charge

Contact Information

Admission Application, Acceptance Letter, and Document Authentication

Office of International Affairs

Ms. Sabina

Email: sabinating@cgu.edu.tw

Ext. 3049

Pre-arrival Information, Insurance, Visa, and Scholarship

Office of International Affairs

Ms. Kelly

Email: D000019620@cgu.edu.tw

Ext. 2602

Suspending Studies (Deferral) or Permanent Withdrawal

  1. Undergraduate students: Registry Section
  2. Graduate students: Graduate Studies Section

Undergraduate students:

  1. Mr. Tsung-Chia Chen
  2. Email: chih2@mail.cgu.edu.tw
  3. Ext. 5033

Graduate students:

  1. Ms. Yu-Mei Lin
  2. Email: puddingz@mail.cgu.edu.tw
  3. Ext. 3438

Courses or programs

Faculty members of your department

After you complete registration in September (work permit will be required)

Teaching Assistant Position

Department Assistants


Research Assistant Position

Your advisors

For newly admitted students who cannot register for 2024 Fall due to illnesses or special circumstances (such as military service, pregnancy, parenting, or economic difficulty), they may apply to defer their admission before the semester begins. However, to retain your admission, the photocopy of your authenticated academic credentials (including degree and complete transcripts) MUST be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office. Therefore, please send your authenticated academic credentials and the application form to Registry Section (undergraduate program) or Graduate Studies Section (postgraduate program) via email.

Degree Verification (Only for Degree Student)

You are required to submit your verified diploma and transcript during CGU Registration Days. Usually, the verification (authentication) procedures consume a lot of time (more than 2 months), please start the process as soon as possible. Please note that you will not be able to complete the registration procedure (in February) without presenting all the required documents.

You are required to have all foreign diplomas and transcripts verified by the Taiwan Embassy/Mission in the country of the institution prior to submission. If your transcripts and diplomas (or graduation certificates) are not in Chinese or English, please first translate them into English or Chinese and verify the translated documents as well as the original documents. Please have all necessary documents verified prior to arrival in Taiwan.

Visa Information

Full-time degree students are advised to apply for a Resident Visa, for more details please see here.

Students from Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cameroon, Gambia, Iraq, Niger, Senegal, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Syria and Pakistan, please see Procedures for Nationals of the Designated Countries Applying for Visa to Taiwan.

Housing Application

Chang Gung University provides on-campus housing facility to international students. To live on-campus at CGU, you must fill out and submit the housing application by July 31, 2024. After this date, on-campus housing is not guaranteed.

Please fill out the application form at the following links.

The dormitory will be available to move in from August 24 to 27, and you will receive the room number from the OIA before your departure date. Dormitory supervisors are on duty 24-hour, and it is highly recommended that you arrive at CGU during the office hours (08:30-12:30/ 13:00-17:00, Monday to Friday). For more information, please visit here.

Important Reminders:

  1. All international students studying in master's program are eligible for an accommodation waiver (four-person suite) on the campus (4 semesters). Winter and summer breaks are included (not including Chinese New Year vacation).
  2. Exchange students, international students admitted through admission procedures for domestic students, international undergraduate students and international PhD students are not eligible for the accommodation waiver.
  3. If you don’t wish to live in CGU’s dormitories, the accommodation fee waiver is non-reserved, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. Dormitories are non-coed; only an empty bed frame, desk, bookshelves and wardrobe are provided. Boarding students need to prepare personal items and accessories such as bedding, pillows and washing utilities.
  5. International students boarding with domestic students shall follow the same rules.
  6. No cooking or usage of cooking electronics (e.g., cooker, microwave oven, and electromagnetic oven) is allowed in any dormitories.
  7. The fee of air conditioner for every room will be paid by AC pre-paid card. Please purchase the card in the dorm building lobby.
  8. For more information, please visit the Housing Section.


Per "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan, new international students must attach proof of medical and injury insurance policies covering from the day you entered Taiwan at the time of registration. Active insurance policies purchased in foreign countries must be authenticated by a Taiwan overseas representative office.

To meet the requirements of MOE and avoid all the inconveniences of document authentication, you may choose to participate in the "International Students Group Medical Insurance" offered by Cathay Life Insurance Co., Taiwan through Chang Gung University. This insurance plan will provide basic insurance coverage (illness & accidental) in the first 6 months (September to February) of your stay in Taiwan. The premium is NT$ 3,000 per student per semester and should be paid in full with other fees.

Please let us know whether you will join group medical insurance by filling out the form before July 31, 2024. For the benefits of group medical insurance, insurance claims procedures and other policies, please visit here.

If you just graduated from other Taiwanese universities, please send a copy of your National Health Insurance transfer-out declaration to Kelly at D000019620@cgu.edu.tw before Registration Day.

Arrival Notification

Suggested arrival days are between August 24 - 27. Kindly provide your arrival date here two weeks before your arrival date.

Mobile Phone Information

You may bring your own mobile phone and simply purchase a Taiwan number (SIM card). Buying pre-paid cards in your home country or at the telecom service centers in the Taoyuan International Airport upon your arrival. You can also purchase one from the platforms like KKDay and Klook.

Pre-paid Cards

  • Recommended for short-term visits.
  • Available at telecom service branch offices or most convenience stores.
  • Require two forms of photo ID (e.g., passport and ARC).

Monthly Plans

  • Available but requires a deposit or a native guarantor.
  • For more details, visit local telecom companies.

Common Telephone Operators: