2024 Pre-med Enhancement Summer Program

June 24 - Aug 2, 2024

Online Application: Feb 1st - April 24th, 2024

Final discount: Now - April 5th, 2024


Courses in the medical science

General or advanced lectures in biochemistry and molecular biology, microbiology, immunology, physiology, and pharmacology will be provided in the program. Special lectures in human anatomy and Chinese medicine will also be included in the program.

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Working in a research laboratory or Volunteer at hospital

Applicants can join one of the research laboratories for a short period of time or volunteer at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. We will match the interests of the applicants before the starting date of the program.

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Simulation-based Hands-on Clinical Skills Courses

The center aims to effectively improve students’ basic clinical skills and strengthen their clinical reasoning and collaborative competence of the multiple disciplinary healthcare team by simulation-based educational activities.

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Clinical Shadowing in Hospital

The clinical shadowing in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital includes different clinical settings in the internal medicine, surgery, intensive care medicine. An unique clinical VR/3D printed object demonstration to aid in clinical learning and therapy will also be included in this program.

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This program provided by Chang Gung University College of Medicine is designed for students who plan to apply for medical schools for an unique and enhanced learning experience and exposure to enhance the preparation for medicine. The program offers face-to- face introductory lectures of integrated basic medical sciences, opportunities to participate in basic science laboratories, and experiences in simulation-based hands-on clinical skills as well as clinical shadowing in a large medical center. The clinical shadowing in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital provides clinical observation to comprehend various real-world clinical settings, and a clinical VR/3D printed object demonstration will also be included in this program. Students will also have the chance to learn about the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine by virtual reality, preparation of herbal tea medicine according to individuals’ constitution, manual therapy (tui na,推拿), cupping therapy (拔罐), acupuncture, and modernized traditional pulse/tongue diagnosis.

This 6-week summer course will provide students with interactive and stimulating learning experience as well as cultural exposure for preparing medical school entrance.

About Chang Gung University

Chang Gung University (CGU) was established in 1987 by the Wang family of the Formosa Plastics Group (台塑企業), in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. CGU is a student-centered, convergence research-led university located in northern Taiwan. The University has prevailed as Taiwan's top 5 choices for international and local students, offering a welcoming and supportive campus community where students' highest potential will be fostered on-campus. CGU empowers our students for personal and professional success in the fields of medical sciences, engineering , management, and intelligent computing (artificial intelligence).

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