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Host Family Project

Host Family Project

To help international students adapt into Taiwanese life style and encourage faculty and students to form host families, the Office of International Affairs will subsidize faculty and staff members of our university to apply for subsidies on a per-host-family basis. Foreign students are invited to participate in activities with themes such as "International or Taiwanese Culinary Delights," "Traditional Cultural Experiences," and "Introduction to Tourist Attractions."


From now to December 15, 2024.


Each host family can accommodate a maximum of 10 people, with at least 1 full-time faculty or staff member and 1 foreign student, and up to 8 local students.

Subsidy items (Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement):

  1. The maximum subsidy per person per case is 1,000 NT dollars, with a maximum subsidy of 10,000 NT dollars per activity
  2. Meal Expenses
    • On-campus: 80 NT dollars per person
    • Off-campus: 100 NT dollars per person
  3. Ticket/Material Fees: Daily limit of 400 NT dollars per person

Subsidy Procedure:

Complete the host family activity application form and submit it with signatures to Ms. Tina from the International Affairs Office two weeks before the activity.

The International Affairs Office will send a notification letter regarding the successful application and the subsidy amount. Within one week after the activity, submit:

  1. Original receipts attached to the expense form
  2. Outcome report (within 100 words with photos) and activity attendance sheet.

Attachment for application form:

  1. 2024 Host Family Project Application Form
  2. Example








  • 餐飲費:校內 80 元/人、校外 100 元/人
  • 門票/材料費:每日上限400元/人


  1. 請於活動前二週完成接待家庭活動申請表印出簽名送至國際處承辦人傅于庭。
  2. 國際處寄信通知申請成功及補助金額項目。
  3. 活動結束後一週內繳交:(1) 單據黏貼單+核銷單據正本、(2) 成果報告表(100 字內+照片)及簽到表。


  1. 2024接待家庭活動申請表-中文版
  2. 申請表填寫範例