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Student Safety Insurance

Ministry of Education requires students to purchase Student Safety Insurance. The fee is NT$230 per semester.

Group Medical Insurance for International Students


Relevant regulations:Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan

From Article 22:

"When a new international student registers, they shall submit proof of being covered by a medical and injury insurance policy which is valid for at least six months from the date that they entered Taiwan. Current students shall present documentary proof that they have joined Taiwan's National Health Insurance Plan.

If the proof of insurance referred to in the previous paragraph was issued in a foreign country it shall be authenticated by an overseas mission."

To meet the above mentioned requirements regarding the insurance coverage for the first 6 months in Taiwan and avoid all the inconvenience caused by the process of authentication, you may choose to participate in the International Students Group Medical Insurance offered by Cathay Life Insurance Co. through Chang Gung University. This insurance plan will provide basic insurance coverage (illness and accident) during the first 6 months of your stay in Taiwan.

Insurance Period and Fees

The premium, which is NT$500 per month per student, should be paid one time in full (NT$3,000 for 6 months) together with the tuition fees at the beginning of the semester.

For more details of the benefits, please refer to Benefits for Students Covered by Group Medical Insurance.

For 2021 Fall (October to March): list of students covered by group insurance.

Receiving Medical Treatment

If you are not feeling well and would like to see a doctor, you can go to the campus clinic between 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM every Tuesday and Thursday. The fee is NT$50 and will not be covered by the insurance.

If you need to go to a hospital or an off-campus clinic, you'll have to pay for the medical treatments first and file an insurance claim afterwards.

How to Make an Insurance Claim:

Bring the following documents to OIA so that we can help you submit them to the insurance company.
  1. The application form (make sure all the required items are filled out and the first page is signed)
  2. All the original payment receipts of the treatments you received (make sure the hospital/clinic is sponsored by National Health Insurance, such as Chang Gung Memorial Hospital).
  3. Official Chinese diagnosis certificate, which has an official stamp of the hospital/clinic. The certificate is not free of charge; therefore, ask for it at the last treatment. (here is the diagnosis certificate of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for your reference)
  4. Photocopy of your passbook cover (post office or banks)
  5. Photocopy of your ARC card.

If your documents are complete and your treatments are covered by the insurance policy*, the insurance company will transfer the claim amount into your Taiwan bank account in about 4 weeks.

*The maximum reimbursement is NT$1,000 per day.

National Health Insurance


Relevant regulations:Enforcement Rules of the National Health Insurance Act

International students with an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) who have resided in Taiwan for more than six months are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance program immediately.

About National Health Insurance (NHI)

National Health Insurance is compulsory social insurance to provide health security to all citizens via a mutual system. Under this program, all insureds have equal rights to access medical care when they get sick, are injured, or give birth.

Enrollment Regulations

According to Article 9 of the National Health Insurance Act: any foreign national who has an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) in the Taiwan area, must meet one of the following requirements to become the beneficiaries of NHI:

A. Those with a regular employer (Work permit required)
B. Those who have resided in Taiwan for over 6 consecutive months or exit Taiwan once for fewer than 30 days with the actual period of stay amounting to 6 months after the number of days of being away from Taiwan is deducted.
International students who are qualified as beneficiaries must participate in the NHI program with a proper category by the enrollment priority. Please note that a beneficiary who is qualified as an insured cannot choose to be a dependent of their spouse or their parents.

Here are some examples to help you understand the definition of 6 months:

Example 1: (yyyy/mm/dd)

2018/09/26 Enter Taiwan with a resident visa

2019/02/01 Departure for other countries

2019/02/10 Enter Taiwan (staying for 9 days outside Taiwan)

2019/04/04 Eligible for National Health Insurance; original enrollment date of NHI (03 / 26) is postponed for 9 days

Example 2:

2018/09/26 Enter Taiwan with a resident visa

2019/01/20 Departure for other countries

2019/02/22 Enter Taiwan (staying for more than 30 days outside Taiwan

2019/08/22 Eligible for National Health Insurance (6 months after the second entry). Before being eligible for NHI, you will be required to join the Group Medical Insurance.

Example 3:

2018/09/26 Enter Taiwan with a resident visa

2018/11/10 Departure for other countries for a few days (first time)

2019/02/01 Departure for other countries for a few days (second time)

2019/02/10 Enter Taiwan (the second time within the first six months)

2019/08/10 Eligible for National Health Insurance (6 months after the second entry). Before being eligible for NHI, you will be required to join the Group Medical Insurance)

NHI Premium

The average premium for individuals in category 6 is NT$1,377 per month, with 60% (NT$826) paid by the insured individual and 40% subsidized by the government. For the Insured in category 1 (wage earners), premiums are based on their monthly salary reported by their insured units (employer).


  1. The health insurance premium is NT$4,956 per semester (NT$826 per month) and should be included in the tuition fee every semester.
  2. Insurance duration: the first semester starts from August until January of next year, and the second semester begins from February until July of the same year.


  1. CGU group medical insurance is valid for 6 months, and some of the students may not qualify for National Health Insurance right after the group medical insurance plan ends. During this period, students should purchase medical insurance at their own expense before you qualify for National Health Insurance.
  2. Students suspending or withdrawing from studies shall go to OIA for your refund and the termination procedure.
  3. Students who still stay in Taiwan after suspending or withdrawing from studies, or after graduation within the validity period of their resident visa may continue their insurance at the township (county, city, or district) office of the place they reside by presenting the health insurance transfer note issued by the University and the copy of their national health insurance termination (transfer-out) declaration.
  4. In case of any accidental injury or disease occurring to the insured during the winter or summer vacation when they go back to their foreign resident homes, they may present the diagnosis certificate and detailed payment receipts of the treatments they received to the Bureau of National Health Insurance and request a refund of their prepaid medical costs within six months.
  5. For the application for a new card due to a mistake or change in the student's name, residence permit number, birth date or photo, or loss of the old card, the student shall apply OIA. The renewal fee is NT$200.
  6. After you enroll in NHI through CGU, if you work at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital as a part-time research assistant, please inform OIA. OIA will need to withdraw NHI for you to avoid duplication of NHI.

For more information, please visit the National Health Insurance Administration or contact us.