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【Job Opportunity】Reserve Staff Member at the Office of International Affairs - One Position Open

Ⅰ. Position: One Reserve Staff Member for Dual Degree Affairs
Responsibilities include:

  1. Development and management of dual degree programs
  2. Admission procedures for dual degree students (including qualification assessment, compilation of submissions, scholarship affairs, etc.)
  3. Handling of on-campus affairs for dual degree students
  4. Assistance in promoting dual degree programs and contract signing with departments
  5. Planning and promotion of short-term courses
  6. Writing English columns and press releases
  7. Temporary assignments and projects assigned by the International Affairs Office Supervisor

Distribution of the above tasks will be adjusted based on the selected candidate's expertise, subject to approval by the International Affairs Office Supervisor upon commencement of duties.

Ⅱ. Salary and Benefits:

  1. According to the university's regulations, approximately NT$40,750, subject to actual approval.
  2. Candidates with B2 language proficiency (TOEIC score of 750 or equivalent) may apply for a monthly language allowance of NT$1,500 or above (depending on proficiency level)
  3. Candidates with relevant experience in formal positions in public or private educational institutions may be eligible for salary increments based on years of service
  4. Contract reserve personnel are entitled to labor insurance, health insurance, holiday bonuses, and year-end bonuses. Upon successful completion of the evaluation, formal appointments as internal staff members will grant additional benefits including public and health insurance, holiday bonuses, and year-end bonuses.

Ⅲ. Educational Requirements: Bachelor's degree or above, regardless of major.

Ⅳ. Qualifications:

A. English proficiency certification:

  • Equivalent to a TOEIC score of 700 or above (other English proficiency tests are also accepted), with preference given to higher scores.
  • Graduates from English-speaking countries or individuals holding citizenship from countries where English is the official language are exempt from providing English proficiency certificates. However, applicants must specify reasons or provide other supporting documents.

B. Bonus Points:

  • Experience in international affairs is preferred.
  • Proficiency in languages other than English.
  • Administrative experience in educational institutions.
  • Experience studying abroad
  • Video editing skills.
  • Availability for domestic and international travel.

C. Candidates proficient in a second language other than English should provide proof of language proficiency. Graduates from countries where the second language is the official language or possessing citizenship from those countries may be exempt from this requirement.

D. Computer skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office and internet operations.

Ⅴ. Application Process:

A. Internal personnel transfer application for staff positions at the university:

  1. Current contract employees at the university with at least one year of service: Successful candidates will initially be appointed as reserve staff members. After completing one year of assessment and training and meeting the English proficiency standard, they may be considered for formal internal staff positions. Those who do not pass the assessment will have their contracts terminated.
  2. Interested candidates should prepare the following documents:
    • Curriculum vitae (CV) with photo
    • Diploma
    • Consent form from current supervisor (Attachment 1)
    • Work report and achievements (Attachment 2)
    • Personal data collection notice and consent form for applicants (Attachment 3)
    • English proficiency certificate
    • Other relevant documents or certificates, such as certifications or proof of relevant experience

B. Applicants should submit their resumes with photos, personal statements, transcripts of the highest academic qualification, photocopies of diplomas, English proficiency certificates, and a signed "Personal Data Collection Notice and Consent Form for Applicants," along with any other documents pertinent to the evaluation of this position, via email to lyh@gap.cgu.edu.tw by April 10, 2024. Please indicate "Application for Office of International Affairs [Dual Degree Affairs] (Your Name)" in the subject line. Other methods of application will not be considered or responded to.

C. Applicants who pass the initial review will be scheduled for a written test and interview on April 16, 2024, with an expected start date by the end of April. Those who do not pass the initial review will not be notified separately, and application materials will not be returned.

D. Providing false personal information will result in disqualification or dismissal by the university.

E. Contact persons: Miss Lin, Office of International Affairs, Tel: 03-211-8800 ext. 3536; Miss Mak, Personnel Office, Tel: 03-211-8800 ext. 3471.

Note: English proficiency requirements for formal internal staff appointments: A TOEIC score of 700 or above, passing grade on the intermediate-level GEPT, or equivalent qualification (English proficiency standards will be based on the English graduation threshold implementation regulations announced by the university's Language Center).

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