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Work Permit

Work Permit


  • International students must apply for a work permit before starting any job (either on-campus or off-campus).
  • Working without a permit can result in fines (NT$30,000 to NT$150,000), immediate deportation, and future work bans in Taiwan.
  • If the person fails to leave Taiwan within the specified period, the authorities may enforce their departure and detain them until they leave. Please see Paragraphs 1, 3, and 4 of Article 68 of the Employment Service Act for more details.
  • During the semester, the maximum work hours are 20 hours per week.
  • Workforce Development Agency has the right to revoke the permit if the applicants do not follow the regulations.
  • Students should return the work permit (if valid) to the OIA if they suspend or discontinue their studies.

For detailed information and regulations, please visit:

Permit Validity

  • Valid for 6 months, therefore, please reapply (not re-issue) every semester (after February 1st or August 1st).
  • For applications made in the first (fall) semester: valid until March 31st of the second (spring) semester.
  • For applications made in the second (spring) semester: valid until September 30th of the same year.

Part-Time Work

  • Includes roles in administrative offices, teaching units or events, teaching assistants (TA) of teaching units, and research assistants (contract-based RA) of professors' research projects.
  • Please note that there are two types of research assistants, contract-based and research scholarship recipients. Only contract-based research assistants need to obtain a work permit.

Application Procedures

  1. Fill out the questionnaire (please note that if you do not complete the form in advance, your application for a work permit will not be processed).
  2. Fill out the Work Permit Application.
  3. Read the user manual.
  4. Prepare the required documents (see below).
  5. Go to the online application system. Select "Work Permit for Foreign Students" and log into the system. If you've never used the online application system, please select "Apply for an account" to create your own account first.
  6. Pay the fee (NT$ 100) at the post office or online (application can be submitted one day after the fee is paid), and upload the scanned receipt of your payment (if you have a receipt).
  7. Fill in the online application form, upload all the required documents (in PDF format). The Ministry of Labor offers an electronic work permit, please select "electronic official document" instead of delivery (to the school).
  8. Submit the application to the school for examination.
  9. After your application is approved by the Ministry of Labor, the online system will send an email notification to you. Please download the electronic work permit within 8 days after you receive the approval notification.

Required documents

  1. Make sure you’ve filled out the questionnaire.
  2. A scanned copy of the Work Permit Application (upload it to the system as school required documents).
  3. Chinese Enrollment Certificate downloaded from iCGU. Please visit here for the instructions.
  4. A scanned copy of the receipt of your payment (if you pay at the Post Office, and upload it to the system as school required documents). Please submit the application online one day after the remittance is complete.
  5. A scanned copy of your valid passport (bio page).
  6. A scanned copy of your valid ARC.

Required documents must be in PDF format. The names of your uploaded files should not be too long or contain any special symbols like #@$%^&*/-~ ...etc.

* Application will not be accepted if there is any missing document.