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CGU X Go International – Studying abroad Broaden Your Horizon!

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Chang Gung University held "CGU X Go International" intercultural exchange activity on December 10, 2021. With the topic "How would studying abroad broaden your horizon", the invited speakers, including the University President Ming-Je Tang, Professors Albert Min-Shan Ko and Pei-Chien Tsai of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, shared their studying abroad experiences. Professor Guan-Wu Chen was the moderator and invited the speakers to share their experiences of obtaining an international degree from their decision-making process to career choices. The event gathered nearly 50 CGU faculty, staff and students who were interested in studying abroad.

CGU professors shared why they had chosen the USA, Germany and the UK as their degree-seeking destinations. Speakers also shared advantages of getting international PhD degrees.

"When I was young, the USA was the first choice for seeking a degree from abroad because it offered many types of scholarships and grants. There were plenty of opportunities for international students in the USA to explore, the chances we wouldn’t have back then in Taiwan." President Tang shared.

President Tang also added, "If I did not get a PhD from the USA, I would not have had a chance to go around the world (as a scholar). Getting a PhD from the USA, back then, was like getting a ticket to hop around the world."

Professor Ko advised students who did not yet know what to do for career may try to take different course studies until one finds out one's career interest, in research or not. He shared his opinion on how to choose a foreign degree-seeking destination.

"Students should think practically on 'Why should a university choose you and what have you got to offer?' Before making the decision to seek a degree from abroad, one must build an attractive resume or CV, and know how to sell yourselves by providing, for example, your own research data," said Professor Ko.

Professor Tsai talked about how although she did not really know what she wanted to do (for work), she knew what she did not want to do. Dr. Tsai worked in a wet lab for two years after she got her master’s degree. Back then she realized that she what she was good at (research data interpretation) and what she disliked (examinations), which led Tsai to choose the PhD program in the UK instead of the USA, because in the UK PhD programs usually do not include coursework, only research and dissertation completion.

"CGU X Go International" in March 2022 will continue with more fun and interesting cross-cultural topics. For activity details, please visit CGU Office of International Affairs website: https://oia.cgu.edu.tw/

Picture 1. Professor Greg and Indian students, Anwar Khan and Khan Naushad Ahmad

Picture 1. (From picture left) Professor Guan-Wu Chen, President Tang, Professors Albert Min-Shan Ko and Pei-Chien Tsai

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