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NSTC Call for Application: 2024 Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize

1. The Académie des sciences and the National Science and Technology Council award the Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize every year to a team of French and Taiwanese researchers for their contribution to scientific research of interest to both parties. The laureates are expected to foster scientific exchange between the two parties, for example, by organizing mutual visits and activities. The amount of the Prize is 38,200 €, to be shared equally between the laureates.

2. The applications must be submitted to the National Science and Technology Council and the French Academy of Natural Sciences by the Taiwanese and French applicants. Taiwanese applicants must meet the qualifications of Operation Guidelines for NSTC Research Project Grants.

3. Deadline: qualified applicants shall submit the completed application form and application materials (one hard copy and one digital copy) to the Office of International Affairs by 5 pm, Wednesday, June 5th, 2024.

4.Please visit: https://www.nstc.gov.tw/folksonomy/rfpList for more information.

5. NSTC Contact Info: Mr. Wei-Jiun Chuang,Tel: +886(0)2 2737 7559 ,E-mail: mchu@nstc.gov.tw


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