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About Us

The Center for International Academic Cooperation (IAC), originally named as the International Cooperation Center, was established in 2001. With the recognition of internationalization and globalization, Chang Gung University (CGU) has been striving to establish academic ties with prestigious universities all over the world. In order to reach this goal,the IAC takes on an active rolevin exploring potential academic cooperation with our international counterparts for students and faculty. We assist the departments of the university to arrange academic exchange programs, to liaise with sister universities, to facilitate the visit of overseas scholars, staff and visitors, and to jointly host conferences and research projects. Our primary duty is to prepare our students, staff, and faculty well for a new era of global village.

What do we do?

The Center for International Academic Cooperation (IAC) is engaged in the following areas ofresponsibility:

(1) Establishing Partnership with Overseas Universities and Institutions. The maingoal of IAC is to establish partnerships withuniversities overseas. CGU currently has partnershipswith universities in the United States, France,Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Japan, and UK, etc. We hope to continue promoting and advancing the existing exchangeprograms for our faculty and students, which will give them opportunities to absorb in-depth knowledge in overseas institutions and broaden their horizons.

(2) The IAC encourages faculty and students to participate in our International Academic Exchange Programs. With the assistance of colleges and departments, we advocate and promote the sharing of educational and research resources.

(3) International conferences: IAC assists the academic departments of the university in organizing international events and conferences.

(4) Reception of international visitors: IAC receives and hosts foreign scholars and visitors. We also provide assistance for them.