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Incoming Dual Degree Program

CGU only accepts international students nominated by the universities that CGU has signed dual degree programs with. For the eligibility of application, please contact your home university for more information. 

Application Procedure

  1. Recommended by the home university via email
  2. Documents sent to CGU (soft-copies)
  3. CGU examines the application
  4. The accepted list announced by CGU
  5. The home university receives a "Letter of Approval" or "Letter of Rejection" from CGU
  6. CGU sends pre-arrival information (including registration, suggested arrival date...etc.) to the students 

Application Deadline

Fall semester (begin mid-September): to be confirmed 

Application Checklist



Application Form
Housing Application (Optional)

Male Students: https://forms.gle/fd7WGTGT5osKNz1g9 

Female Students: https://forms.gle/SKgCacYALM2RGb479 

For more information on the CGU dormitory, please visit here 

One Photo
Passport Copy Bio page 
Transcript & Diploma One photocopy of the diploma (if any) and the latest official academic transcript issued by the home university.

Nomination by Home Institution Coordinator

Submit a letter or email from your home institution coordinator indicating your nomination for an active formalized dual degree program.

Financial Statement

A financial statement or a bank deposit statement should be submitted.

*Student ID number of Home University  Only required for students who possess PRC nationality. 
Student Enrollment Certificate or Registration Certificate of Home University 
*English Proficiency certificate if the program requires

Other related documents according to the dual degree agreements. 


  1. Tuition fees: based on the Agreement signed by both universities. 
  2. Student Safety Insurance(required by Ministry of Education):  the fee is about NT$238 per semester.
  3. Group Medical Insurance: NT$ 3000 covering the first 6 months (visit here for more information). 
  4. National Health Insurance: once you are eligible to register, the fee is NT$749 per month. 
  5. Living expenses: about NT$7,000-10,000 per month.