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CGU launched overseas summer programs; visit OIA website for list of available summer programs

CGU students have alternatives for studying abroad this summer. If you wish to develop language competence and knowledge of a foreign teaching/ lab methods, interact with international students, and examine whether you are fit for a longer exchange student program/ joint-degree program, you will have a taste with the overseas summer program. The flexible curriculum in Overseas Summer Programs also allows students to arrange a class schedule that best suits their needs. **Overseas Summer Programs are at students' own expenses.**

The list of overseas summer programs: https://oia.cgu.edu.tw/p/412-1015-13460.php?Lang=en
(OIA Webpage-> Outgoing Students-> Overseas Summer Programs)

  1. Eligibility: CGU students.
  2. Application Process: Apply to the overseas universities directly and fill out "Application Form for Chang Gung University Students to Study Abroad".
  3. Application Deadline: Detailed information can be found on each program's page listed at CGU OIA website: Overseas Summer Programs
  4. Important Note: If you would like to apply for recognition of credit, prepare "Application Form for Chang Gung University Students to Study Abroad" and "Application Form for Recognition of Credits from Foreign Universities for Outbound Students", and attach the course materials such as the course hours, course syllabus, course content and the official transcript within two weeks of the opening of the school term. Late application will be declined.
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