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NSTC Call for Application: 2023 Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize (CGU internal deadline June 12, 2023/ NSTC official deadline June 19, 2023)-347

1. The Académie des sciences, France, and the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC), Taiwan, jointly award the Franco-Taiwanese Scientific Grand Prize every year to a team of French and Taiwanese researchers for their contribution to scientific research of interest to both parties. The amount of the Prize is 38200 €, to be shared equally between the laureates.

2. In order to apply, CGU applicants must first notify their French partners about agreeing to jointly apply to this Prize. Then, the applications must be submitted to NSTC and the French Academy of Natural Sciences by the Taiwanese and French parties, respectively; the aforementioned "Taiwanese" and "French" is by applicant's home institution location, not by the applicant's nationalities. CGU applicants must meet the qualifications of NSTC regulation on “Operation Guidelines for NSTC Research Project Grants”.

(1) "Operation Guidelines for NSTC Research Project Grants" NSTC website: https://www.nstc.gov.tw/folksonomy/list/841a4fde-477b-4105-a22f-8ec871305ee3?l=en

3. CGU Deadline: qualified CGU applicants must complete the forms listed below by June 12, 2023 (university deadline), to *CGU Office of International Affairs* Mr. Liao:

(1) One electronic copy: applicants may choose one of the following methods to submit the application,

  • (1a) Submit via Flow system: Set procedure from Departments/ Graduate Institute Chair or Head to College Dean, using the "Internal Informal Request Report" and select Jian-Jhih Liao as the final receipent.
  • (1b) Submit via CGU email: Set Departments/ Graduate Institute Chair or Head as email reciepient for the first round of approval, and then email the approved version (by dept./ graduate institute) to the College Dean for the Dean’s approval. Lastly, forward the final-approved version (by College Dean) of the complete application to CGU Office of International Affairs Mr. Liao ja145365@cgu.edu.tw. *If the file for application is too big, please email via a cloud storage link.

(2) One hard copy of the complete application materials (downloadable website in point 4 below): by 5 pm, Monday, June 12, 2023 to CGU Office of International Affairs (10th Floor Management Building), Attn: Mr. Liao.

(2a) The hard copy is required by the National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan.

4. L’institut de France Académie des sciences official website (in French and English): https://www.academie-sciences.fr/fr/Prix-internationaux/prix-fondation-scientifique-franco-taiwanaise.html

5. NSTC Contacts: Mr. Hu (Tel: 2737-7683; E-mail: mchu@nstc.gov.tw).


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